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With an interest in belonging and transience, what role does the city of Dubai have in your art practice?

Dubai is a city filled with people from different countries and races, all at once searching for meaning in various aspects in our lives. For some, the city is their Point A, for others it’s their Point B, and there are those who are still in the middle. I try to find inspiration from everyone around me and what they make of a city like Dubai. I also dig deep and introspect what I want to be and do with this city, and the questions that come out of it serve as my starting point in creating art.

How do you manage to achieve lyricism and poetry through the medium of photography?

You know when they say a photograph speaks a thousand words, I try to gather everything I’ve read, known, and understood and place them in spaces of my photograph and take them. I also sometimes sacrifice the technicalities of photography in order to express what I feel. As photographers we were always told to keep our eyes open, but other times we need to close them and listen to what’s inside of us — that’s when stories come alive and they come true.

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