Between Many Bodies

Commissioned by Art Dubai

For this commission, I kept my eyes and ears close to the interactions happening around me at Art Dubai 2022.

A dialogue was happening between many bodies—humans, nature, and art. Throughout the fair, I would walk around the venue while closely listening to the conversations around me; some were dialogues, others were monologues.

Initially, I was drawn to the loneliness that I saw and felt during the days of Art Dubai; most artworks evoked a sense of poignancy and trauma, while others are just that—lonely.

Outside of the fair, I would attend gatherings hoping that I would be able to add more to this body of work. At one point, in a speech, it was mentioned that "we stand on the shoulders of giants," and naturally, the question of place arrived in my head.

Where do these giants stand?

At the end of the fair, I was in search of a common thread between these photographs and the notes I took—in one of the conversations I overheard, a woman said to her peer: "Life is a full circle, I think. I'm joking." Which paved a way for the ethos of this body of work: life is indeed a full circle, and so is art—the ongoing conversations between human bodies, nature, and bodies of work are cyclical. At one point, you will come across a statement.

A question arises, and as if an answer, art is arrives.

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