Long Night Stands With Lonely, Lonely Boys

Long Night Stands with Lonely, Lonely Boys is a photographic project that has been simultaneously created over a five-year period. What started as a documentation of rendezvous turned out to be a journey of seeking home overseas, filling voids, understanding love and longing.

On Display at Tarzeer Pictures in Manila, Philippines in collaboration with Vienna Embassy for the celebration of Pride

On Display at the International Summer School of Photography in Latvia


For our exhibition at ISSP Latvia, I presented my work 'Long Night Stands With Lonely, Lonely Boys' which relied on the strength on the story and photos. However, I wanted to know what kind of layer would a performance element do to the entire body of work. So I stripped my clothes, laid the sheets on the floor, and slept β€” recreating a photo I took of a man in Beirut.

I did not know what was gonna happen. Will the audience touch me? Will they wake me up? The power was in their hands. From where I was, I could hear footsteps, camera shutters, and silent conversations. Where is the line of separation? How far can the audience go and explore my vulnerability?

As artists, we produce work that are personal to us. Through our art, we get naked and use our vulnerability to address stories that may or may not affect others.

Photos by Alvin Lau

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