All There Is and Nothing More

Mall of the Emirates x Gulf Photo Plus
collaborate with three emerging photographers from Dubai.


Three selected emerging photographers will visit Etoile La Boutique, in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai. They will choose 5 items to create a Ramadan inspired photo shoot. The Gulf Photo Plus team will then select the photos that will be used in an exhibition in the luxury wing of the mall.


I was inspired by the still life photography work of Irving Penn and Guy Bourdin, as well as the warm, loving, and passionate aura of the Arab culture. The idea was to play with poetry and metaphors through the elements that I used in my photographs, while playing with the fusion of two different coloured lights. I want to create this series of simple, still life with fruits and flowers that resonate patience, love, passion, selflessness, and kindness. 

After almost two years of living in the UAE, I have come to understand the beauty of Ramadan. The Holy Month for muslims is not only about sacrificing food and water until the sun sets, but also a time for them to reconnect with their faith, give love to everyone around them, rekindle the closeness of their families, and most importantly, a time to reflect on themselves.


Special thanks to Narisa Ladak, Cara Santiago, Natasha Ekstedt, and Coffee Communications studio.