Ruins in Ras Al Khaima

Jazirat Al Hamra Fishing Village is infamously known as the UAE's ghost town. The coastal settlement is the best example of houses built during the pre-oil era of the country. The village — displaying types of early and mid 20th century Gulf architecture, with structures built from coral stone and mud — is unchanged after its abandonment in the early 1960s.

The village is officially closed but over time, it has become an alternative route for tourists.

According to The National, former residents return to honour the past and their heritage by hosting an open party once a year. It started in 2012 and has been growing since. The ghost town, as if reviving a soul from the dead, is made alive through reconstruction of the market, redecoration of the buildings, and raising of flagpoles. Time, money and manpower is being donated to relive a place where no one lives.

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