Plucked Good

Plucked Good – Rap artist Izzy captured by Augustine Paredes

Dubai-based photographer Aidx Paredes tells TEAM about a blossoming friendship between him and Iranian-Filipino rap artist, Izzy: “I met him earlier this year during the Sikka Art Fair. I took red portraits of him and some of my new friends, and after that night, I would bump into him at parties. I would always be nice and offer a pack of cigs.”

Witnessing Izzy perform his song “Horns” at these parties convinced Aidx he wanted to shoot the artist getting into some mischief while wearing clothes from a gender-free closet. “He said he didn’t mind because he’s been borrowing clothes from his sister and mom anyway,” says Aidx, who recalls how Izzy’s devil-may-care attitude flowed as smoothly as his rhymes. “The shoot and his aura reminds me of the films I’ve seen about gay cruising. Him being straight, I had to explain what cruising was about.”

TEAM Magazine (Philippines)

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